Summer Camp

Off we went back to Walesby Scout Camp in Sherwood Forest last weekend for four days of camping. We were again blessed with excellent weather, which allowed us to spend all day and evening outside. Throughout the weekend we did a variety of survival-type activities.

On Saturday we drove through Retford to the Idle Valley Nature Reserve. This is a large area of lakes, wood and grassland with a visitor centre. There was even an area put aside to build shelters, which we did, and walked around the reserve to discover what kind of food and drink we could survive on should we be stranded there. Having decided we weren’t stranded, we called at the Thaymar Ice Cream parlour for refreshments on our way back to the camp site.

On Sunday the morning was taken up by rifling in the indoor range, and in the afternoon got very wet whilst mainly falling out of Canadian Canoes. Between activities and in the evening we created tripods to boil water over the fire (and used for supper drinks), made Cree Bannock and cooked it on sticks over the fire, and made yet more shelters in the woods.

Wide games took place once darkness had fell, although we also did some on Monday in bright sunshine. We also had a midnight hike into the woods across the road for the first time in years.

We all agreed that a good time was had by all, and thank everyone who brought some new ideas this year.

More pictures have been added to the Photos page (see menu above).

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Author: Ian PP

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