Awards Information

All sections on the Boys’ Brigade have their own award scheme with activities leading towards badges. We award most badges at our annual awards evening in June, though some special ones are awarded at other times in the year.

The 3rd Basingstoke have put together a superb presentation going through the various award schemes and how the badges are correctly worn on armbands. This is reproduced below:

[docstoc docId=”95182092″ mId=”18282888″ width=”630″ height=”550″ slideMode=”false” showRelatedDocs=”true” showOtherDocs=”true” allowdownload=”true” url=””]Awards Information[/docstoc]

Badges on armbands

Badges should be worn on your armbands in the correct places. This page from The Boys’ Brigade Gazette shows you where they should go. Click on the image for a larger version!