Each section in the Boys’ Brigade wears a uniform. The purpose of this is to give the lads a sense of pride and belonging in being a member of the Boys’ Brigade, and puts all the lads on an equal footing, no matter what their background.

The uniforms for each section are as follows:

Uniform for the Anchor Boys consists of:

  • Red Boys’ Brigade sweatshirt;
  • Dark trousers or shorts;
  • Dark socks.
junior Uniform for the Junior Section consists of:

  • Royal blue Boys’ Brigade sweatshirt;
  • Plain dark trousers or shorts;
  • Dark shoes.
Uniform for the Company / Senior Sections consists of:

  • Navy blue Boys’ Brigade polo shirt;
  • Plain dark trousers;
  • Black leather belt with chrome Boys’ Brigade buckle;
  • Dark shoes.

Uniforms are available to order through the official Boys’ Brigade shop on the internet, go to http://shop.boys-brigade.org.uk. This is the fastest way of obtaining your uniform. To make sure you purchase the correct uniform please refer to the 59th Sheffield Company Uniform Document.

If you require the Company to order the uniform for you, please complete an order form. Order forms are available below and on the Documents page, which should be returned to one of the officers on a Friday evening.

Anchor Section Uniform Order Form Junior Section Uniform Order Form Company Section Uniform Order Form 59th Sheffield Company Uniform Requirements